Works compensation

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25 May 2021


Unforeseen situations



Grant level:

  • For who: companies active in certain business sectors (retailers, hospitality establishments, etc.)

  • For what: works disruptions

  • How much: set compensation up to €2,700

What is it about?

Is work being done on the public roadway in front of your business and traffic has been interrupted for at least 29 consecutive days? Does the noise, difficult access and reduced visibility make it difficult for customers to reach your business? Under certain conditions, the Region will grant a set compensation amount of up to €2,700 to micro-enterprises!

Who is eligible?

This compensation is intended for Brussels businesses in or near utilities works which interrupt vehicle or public transport traffic in at least one direction for 29 consecutive days or more as of 25 March 2019. It is intended for micro-enterprises active in certain business sectors (retailers, hospitality establishments, etc.), which aren’t funded more than 50% with public funds (more than 75% for companies registered for less than four years with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises).

Note that companies that employ at least 10 FTEs or are located in a pedestrian street are not entitled to compensation.

What are the requirements?

Compensation is only granted under certain conditions, notably:

  • The business must be located in or in front of the works area.
  • They must be public works involving several utilities for which the tasks for the different utilities are coordinated.
  • The works must interrupt vehicle and public transport traffic in at least one direction: all lanes in one direction must be closed for at least 29 consecutive calendar days (if traffic was temporarily allowed during the 29-day period, you will not be entitled to compensation).
What is the amount granted?

The set compensation amount varies depending on the number of full-time equivalents working for the company (excluding interim workers and students):

  • Fewer than 2 FTE €2,000
  • 2 to 5 FTE €2,350
  • 5 to fewer than 10 FTE €2,700

You can obtain compensation several times for the same works as long as the request is received by Brussels Economy and Employment at least 180, and maximum 270, days after the date of receipt of the previous request.

If your business is a micro-enterprise and is impacted by works that meet the conditions above, you can also obtain an allowance if you improve the appeal of your company.

How to apply?


Request a certificate from the roadways’ administrator 29 days after the works begin by filling in the form at the bottom of the Brussels Economy and Employment page. The certificate will confirm that your establishment has been impacted by works that meet the conditions.

If your business is a micro-enterprise and is impacted by works that meet the conditions above you can also obtain an allowance if you improve the appeal of your company.


Submit your request for compensation as soon as you receive the certificate.

You have to submit your compensation file between 29 and 90 days after the start of the works. You can submit your request online via the MyBEE application or via a PDF form. The file should include the completed form, the roadway administrator’s certificate and the other appendixes.
Following your request, Brussels Economy and Employment will send you an acknowledgement of receipt of your file within thirty days maximum.


Brussels Economy and Employment will pay the compensation in one payment.

Need help? Contact Brussels Economy and Employment

Help needed? Contact Brussels Economy and Employment

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